Presentation to the Board of Selectman

 [Text as presented by Mike Scully, Chairman of the SuperPark committee on July 10th, 2012]

We the members of the Grafton SuperPark Committee do hereby present our findings and official site recommendation for the new SuperPark (replacing the park torn down to make way for the new High School).

In order to fulfill our committee’s charge, to develop a full cost estimate, (including land prep, landscaping, paving, fencing, and lighting costs etc) we must hire an architect to complete a site plan by placing our final design on our selected site. We plan to apply for Community Preservation Funds to fund the hiring of an architect, so to proceed with our short timetable of bringing this project forward at the October town meeting in hopes of having SuperPark become a reality Spring of next year — we need the Board to formally vote to designate our recommended site for purposes of the new SuperPark, subject to a affirmative outcome at town meeting.

The committee has thoroughly reviewed the two site options we presented last July, scoring each in the following categories:  Access, Frontage, Visibility, Terrain, Tree Coverage, Drainage, Traffic, Location of Sidewalks, Proximity to other services, access to water/sewer & electric, public support and most importantly safety of the children who will play there as well as the protection of the towns investment into the equipment.

After this exhaustive and comprehensive review, taking into account all of these factors, the committee members voted unanimously on our official site recommendation.

We have selected the town owned, un-utilized and long time vacant lot located at 25 Worcester Street (the former HS site). We believe that 25 Worcester Street location is the most ideal and suitable location for the placement of the new Superpark.  Due to central location in town (not skewed towards one end of town), ease of access from major routes and sidewalks, visibility from the roadway with a large amount of frontage, suitable terrain, the fact the lot is clear from overgrowth and wetlands, size of property and most importantly the safety factors mentioned previously.

We ask that the Board to recognize our committee’s time investment, research and due diligence over the past year and a half by formally voting to designate 25 Worcester Street as the selected site for purposes of building a new modern and accessible SuperPark, subject to an affirmative outcome at town meeting.


Mike Scully Chairman

James Walsh Vice-Chair

Ethan Roberts Member

Cindy Ide Member

Abby Cross Member

Wendy Millet Member

George Prunier, Member


Gina Dalan Member