[Comments posted in the Grafton Daily Voice]

As Chairman of the Grafton SuperPark Committee and on behalf of the entire committee, I want to thank the Board of Selectmen for voting unanimously to designate 25 Worcester Street as the selected site for the new SuperPark.

The original SuperPark was a source of entertainment and recreation for many children from Grafton and beyond for many year but over time parts of the mostly wood structure fell into disrepair and were either blocked off or removed. This resulted in fewer children using the park. The old SuperPark was also not considered "accessible" for all children and as a result prevented some children from utilizing the park at all.

It is a shame that the School Project forced the old SuperPark to be torn down without providing for its replacement (that should have been thought of before tearing it down). Either way, because of the disrepair of the old park, the lack of accessibility and the materials (mostly wood) that are less safe, the town of Grafton would likely have had to undertake a rebuilding project anyway sooner rather than later.

The original SuperPark could not be rebuilt in the way or for a similar cost today even after adjusting for inflation. While I was not involved in the original project I do know that much of the material was donated and a community install saved dramatically on the original SuperPark's costs.

In order to replace the park in the true spirit of the original one "Super", we are following the steps to ensure that: 1) the materials are modern and safe; 2) that the materials are durable and less likely to splinter, crack or break down quickly; and 3) that the layout and design of the new SuperPark is considered accessible and meets all current Accessibility Standard Minimums.

The cost associated with replacing not only the core park structure but also ancilliary costs like site prep, landscaping, lighting and creating a new parking lot were not major in the original project but will require a larger investment so that we can provide all the children of Grafton with a modern and accessible place to play, learn, and have fun.

Possible funding sources include: a) Using surplus funding from the School project to replace the park that that project displaced; b) Community Preservation Funds; c) Private Sponsorship of features, benches, light-posts or even the entire park; d) grants; e) private fundraising; and f) town free cash (or a combination of all of the above).

To keep informed about our progress with the SuperPark Project or to sign up to support the new Park, go to our website www.GraftonSuperPark.com

Mike Scully
Grafton SuperPark Committee