Grafton SuperPark    Building a modern and accessible park for all the children of Grafton!

About Us

The Grafton SuperPark Committee is working towards the goal of rebuilding the old SuperPark that was torn down to make room for the new high school. We hope to create a modern and fully accessible SuperPark that all Grafton children can play on.

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Back in 2010, the Board of Selectmen voted to create a SuperPark Committee, tasked with replacing the park torn down to build the new High School with a modern and accessible SuperPark. Our committee has worked hard over the last 17 months to find a new home for the new SuperPark, researching all available town-owned land and open space and determining a suitable and centrally located property. We have also been putting together a design that will reflect the fort like style of the original SuperPark, be updated with modern features and materials, equipped with ramps so it is accessible and covered in a "green" and brown color pallet.

The SuperPark Committee has chosen Landscape Structures as the manufacturer of choice for the core structures.

In July 2013, efforts stalled as Selectmen did not wish to bring the project forward at that time.

In December of 2014, after a previous Town Open Space Survey indicated interest in SuperPark, the committee reformed, got scaled down in size, revised the charge and scheduled a meeting to continue to build upon the work of the original SuperPark Committee.

Spring 2015 efforts are underway with plans for rebuilding SuperPark but we need your help.

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Help us make the new SuperPark a reality!

Did you play on the original Grafton SuperPark? Are you looking for a safe place for your kids to play? Do you want a park that is fully accessible with ramps and other features that make the park available for all children? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then we need your help!  Join the SuperPark Supporters Group to find out how you can help make this dream a reality!

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Grafton SuperPark Committee:

Future Home: 25 Worcester Street
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