Project Vote 

The SuperPark Committee committee has been working hard at finding a new home for the new SuperPark but we also need to put together a design and we wanted the kids to have a chance to give their input into the new park, this is how Project Vote originated.

What is Project Vote?

Project Vote was the opportunity for the kids in Grafton to vote on their favorite slide and climber that they would like to see in the new SuperPark. All Grafton students in grades PreK through 6th got a chance to vote and received a Project Vote Kids SuperPark Ballot on June 13th. The Committee will gather all of the ballots from each of the schools in Grafton and we will tabulate the vote.

The Slide and Climber that receives the most votes from Grafton Kids will be included in the design for the new modern and accessible Grafton SuperPark.

The Results

  Choose a Slide

       Option B - The Slidewinder Slide received the majority of the vote over option A - the Cloudburst Slide

  Choose a Climber

       Option B - The Sunbeam Climber received the majority of the vote over option A - the Lollipop Climber

These two winning features selected by the children in grades PreK through 6gh grade will be featured in the final SuperPark design.

Update: 7/10/12 the Board of Selectmen voted to accept the SuperPark Committee's site recommendation for 25 Worcester Street!

Update: October 2012 Fall Town Meeting voters approve our warrant article for Community Preservation Funding of a Site Architect so we can develop a fully detailed Superpark Site Plan.

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