Grafton SuperPark Committee

2015 Members

Chair: Jennifer Thomas

Mike Scully

Abigail Cross

Cindy Ide

Gina Dalan

Original Grafton SuperPark Committee

Chairman: Mike Scully  2011 -
Members: George Prunier (2010-2013)

Abigail Cross (2011- ) 

Cindy Ide (2011- ) 

Gina Dalan (2011- )

Ethan Roberts (2011-2013) 

Wendy Millett (2011-2012)

Ann Golub Victor (2011-2012)

James Walsh (2011-2012)

Current Charge:

< Coming Soon >

Original Committee Charge

1: To review sites, both Town-Owned and privately owned, in the town of Grafton. The Committee will report to the Board of Selectmen as soon as possible on the best options, along with cost estimates. Additionally, upon the selection of a potential site, the Committee will conduct an informal meeting with the Planning Board to discuss compliance and compatibility issues. 
2: Look at design and development of Super Park. 
a: Develop cost estimates
b: Pursue any and all alternative means of funding in order to reduce total cost to town. " 
The Committee consists of 8 members. We had our first meeting Feb. 17th, 2011. 


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