Plans and Designs 

(Please Note, this is not the final version as site conditions and funding may necessitate a change to the overall final design.)

The new SuperPark is a fully accessible park for all children ages 2-12, built with modern materials, top of the line safety equipment and durable construction. The design incorporates the look and feel of the original SuperPark by providing both an elevated and ground level fort like experience. Numerous climbers and ramps complimented by state of the art, fully accessible ramps throughout most of the structure. Two elevated towers provide for super level fun and exploration, while cascade climbers, rock climbers, and mountain climbers provide both exercise and excitement. Activity panels and textured elements provide for multi-sensory play. The color scheme was kept consistent with both a woodsy fort like theme as well as extensive use of rich greens across the entire structure which will be complimented by the natural landscaping and surfacing around the structures. Notice that both the climber and slide selected by the kids in Grafton Schools k-6 Project Vote are featured in the above design. 

Ready to help make our vision for a new modern and accessible SuperPark a reality?  Go to our homepage and sign up to join our growing group of supporters!

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